Happy Customers
“So glad I signed up to this online puppy class. Angela gives clear, calm and good humoured direction. Classes never feel rushed and questions are encouraged with the bonus of being able to follow up with queries at a later date if needs be.

Very impressed at Angela’s observational skills, she somehow manages to keep an eye on all participants, puppy’s and owners alike and although a physical class seems like it would be preferable, being able to watch the session back is incredibly helpful and helps give me a visual on all the things I’m doing wrong!

I am not very tech savvy but the zoom classes are easy to access and I would say whether she is teaching remotely or in person Polite Paws offers an excellent foundation for your puppy’s training.”

Anna Lisa Walker & Bertie


“Someone at my local vets was recommending Polite Paws to another client, and I overheard the conversation.

This directed me to Polite Paws’ Facebook page and to Angela. I contacted Angela for a 1-2-1 training session as my concern was that my husband’s way of training a dog was in complete contradiction to mine – poor Ozzy was getting quite confused.

Having the private session with Angela did the trick, and her advice was incredibly helpful and set us up to deal with those first few weeks with a new puppy.  We then took Ozzy to puppy class and he loved it.

The classes are well planned and followed up by very helpful handouts. We now have a puppy that we can recall, who obeys the ‘leave’ and the ‘stay’ commands and so much more.

Our success with Ozzy is down to the skill of Angela’s training and us then practicing what we were taught.We will be using Polite Paws again – definitely!

I would recommend Polite Paws in a heartbeat! “

Katie Cork & Steve Critchley

Flatcoat Retriever

“We were really fortunate to have found Angela to train our Vizsla puppy Xena. To first help us, she visited our house and provided very useful information on the early do’s and don’ts and on how to make our home and garden puppy safe.

This was followed by the puppy training class, plus one more personal session at our home to help us with Xena’s difficulties in being left alone and jumping. There after we followed on to the intermediate class.

All of this has helped Xena in developing into a healthy, happy and well adjusted dog, who listens most of the time. Angela’s positive approach to dogs has really paid off. Xena is now aware and comfortable with a large range of commends.

Angela also makes every one in her class, dogs and owners alike, feel really special. We thoroughly enjoyed going to class each week and also learned a lot from seeing how the other dogs and owners progressed.

We would strongly recommend Angela to any new puppy owners, it has made the world of difference to us.“

Erwin & Vanessa Friedrich and Xena

Hungarian Vizsla

“It’s a hard time to have a puppy with the isolation rules but Angela’s online classes are wonderful!

She is very patient and her instructions are “bite size” to work on and get results! I wouldn’t be as far along with our puppy without the classes.

If it’s this good online, think of how amazing the classes are when we can actually be all together.

She is always available to help with individual issues with puppies. I was recommended via word of mouth and am so happy I found her!.”

Beau Fancourt & Ernie

Husky x Chow Chow

“Angela delivers a well organised, comprehensive and effective set of lessons on training your puppy. I also booked our Labradoodle Maisy onto another set of lessons (with a different company) that ran over the same weeks as the Polite Paws course (as I wished to be very focused in establishing the best behaviour from the outset – for both myself and Maisy) ….. and there is no doubt that Angela’s approach was most effective and well worth the additional travel time to get there from Godalming – and I am now looking forward to the next stage of lessons so that we can continue with fun, effective learning.

Angela also took time to address any questions, and suggest solutions, that individuals had about their pets training ….. she is passionate, caring and knowledgeable about her mission!! A very worthwhile experience …. and life changing for Maisy and me. ”

Ian Whitaker and Maisy


“Angela has been an invaluable help in training our Labrador puppy, Stella, since she first arrived home 3 months ago. Even though my wife and I had family dogs as children, it had been 20 years since either of us had had a dog in the house, and we were clueless as to modern training methods, and just how effective clicker based training can be.

Weekly one-to-one sessions at home have ensured that Stella has solid behavioural foundations and is already very easy to have in the house. Angela clearly has a real affinity for dogs, and evident skill in training them.

More importantly, she has a good manner in ‘training the owners’, which is the real challenge! We have particularly appreciated the way that she has involved our 2 sons (aged 10 and 8) in Stella’s training sessions.

The sessions have allowed our 10 year old to develop a real appreciation of how to interact with his first puppy, and have given him welcome self-esteem as he sees his training efforts pay off in Stella’s obedience.

Equally, Angela helped our 8 year old get over his initial nervousness about a ‘jumpy puppy’, which allowed him develop his own rapport with Stella.

Angela has also helped with strategies to improve canine-feline relations in the house (which got off to a bit of a rocky start, but which are now on the mend!), and, beyond the training, has been been a helpful source of general advice on puppy care.

Professional, enthusiastic, always on time, we’ve very much enjoyed the sessions with Angela, and Stella in particular has become very fond of the ‘Treat Lady’!”

The Austin Family and Stella


Due to coronavirus I had 121 training via zoom. Angela is a great people person and a natural teacher. I learnt so much about my dogs behaviour but also my own. I was able to perform the techniques on camera and Angela was there to support me and very quickly my Wirehaired Dachshund was showing response. One day later my 1 year old pup is responding to her ‘go to bed’ technique with limited amount of treats and with all household members!! RESULT! This has given me confidence that Angela’s techniques will show results for the process of desensitising my dogs very loud and excited barking at the front door. Also by having the 121 training via Zoom means I could download the video and rewatch to remind me of what to do! I would definitely recommend! Thank you for all your help :)”

Nina Hajittofi and Mila
Wirehaired Dachshund