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Below you can find information about all our puppy training classes. If you have any questions or are unsure which class best suits you and your puppy please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Angela is proud to be the UK Brand Ambassador for Mikki Pet. Mikki Pet products are used in classes, and occasional competitions are run throughout training courses to win various Mikki Pet products

Polite Puppy Class

Polite Paws’s “Polite Puppy” class is designed to give you and your puppy an excellent foundation for life as a polite member of society!  

It is a 6 week course but there are 7 classes as the first class is run online. This initial class is where we talk about all the common puppy problems you will experience and how to correctly address them.

We will also discuss body language and start to teach puppies to self settle. This works so well to discuss and ask questions in a relaxing home environment without extra distractions.

The remaining 6 classes run outdoors and will cover all the basic life skills (including handling and grooming, teaching you how to teach your puppy to be comfortable around potential triggers such as livestock, joggers, cyclists etc, asking your puppy to leave and drop an item when asked, how to greet other puppies and people appropriately without jumping up, teaching them to stay and teaching the foundations of recall and loose lead walking.  

Outdoor classes are limited to a maximum of 8 puppies. 

Only science-based, ethical and reward based methods are used in order to not only teach puppies in the way that they truly learn (by rewarding behaviours we like so that the puppy does them again),  but to also ensure that you and your puppy develop a strong and positive relationship.

Once your puppy has graduated from the Polite Puppy course, the next step is the Puppy Post-Grad course.

They are then welcome to continue training by attending the Intermediate and Advanced classes.

This course takes place on private land in Green Dene, (East Horsley)

Cost: £150

Next class date:    SATURDAY 8th June, 9.30AM

(first class is on Zoom on Thursday 6th june, 6PM, then there are 6 outdoor classes every Saturday)

Puppy Post-Grad Course

This is the natural progression from the Polite Puppy course, and is a 6 week outdoor course which takes place in East Horsley.

In this class we progress behaviours learnt in the puppy class, work on behaviours around distractions (stay, recall, loose lead walking), work on more focus and engagement around other dogs, and also add new behaviours.

Classes are limited to 8 puppies.

Once your puppy has graduated they will be in a great position to join the Intermediate class.

Cost: £150

Next class date:  SATURDAY 8 june, 10.45AM

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate class runs for 6 weeks on 33 acres of private land in East Horsley, Surrey. and is the next step after the puppy or the adult novice class. It is also suitable if you have done previous training elsewhere.

The focus of this class is to progress behaviours learned in the puppy or novice class, and start to work on various behaviours around increasing levels of distractions and therefore proof the reliability of behaviours, introduce new behaviours such as the send away, distance control, proofing release words, and work on improving our recall and loose lead walking.

Cost: £150

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