Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour problems we can help with include:

Problem barking

Aggression towards people or dogs

Car chasing

Resource Guarding

Fear related issues

Separation anxiety

Angela is extremely proud to be a fully qualified CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer), having trained under the very well respected best selling author and international speaker Malena DeMartini.

Help for Separation Anxiety can now be found on it’s own page.

How it works

Prior to any consultation we will send you out an in depth questionnaire, which allows us to gain as much information as possible prior to us meeting.  This often raises other issues or brings to light other important information which may be related.

An initial consultation will take place in your own home and will last approximately 2 hours.


* Initial Consultation – £150

* Initial consultation & 1 Follow on consultation (1 hr)- £215

* Initial consultation & 2 Follow up consultations (1 hr) – £280

*Stand alone follow on sessions (1 hour)  – £75 per session

We do further discounts for larger packages.

Follow on consultations must be booked at the time of the previous session, and must be taken within a period of a month to ensure consistency.

(Mileage charges may be applicable)

This will include the following:

– Meeting at your home to discuss and if appropriate observe the behaviour (observing the behaviour is often not necessary).
– Pre-consultation questionnaire sent out before the first meeting, to be emailed back to me at least 3 days prior to the initial consultation.
– History (diet, exercise, routine) and history of the problem behaviour (reviewing video evidence if appropriate).
– A programme will be set for you to start to work on addressing the negative behaviour
– A report will be emailed to you after the consultation to act as a reminder of what we discussed
– Any follow up sessions that were not pre-booked will be scheduled which are important for monitoring progress and amending any part of the programme.
– Vet referral is required prior to any initial consultation.

For packages booked, there will be full email and phone support for the duration of the time we work together.